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  Regardless of whether you are having a church or civil ceremony, there are several alternatives, open to you, that will make your special day a memorable one, for everyone that attends.

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Your Wedding Car Arrives At
The Church / Venue.

At this point the big day really begins. As you get out of the Wedding Car, you can be joined by a Highland Piper, elegantly dressed in a traditional Scot's uniform. Marching, with the moving sound of the pipes, he will lead you to the area where the ceremony will take place. If required he will also play during the signing of the register, as well as piping the bride & groom out of the ceremonial area. Remember, you don't have to be Scottish, to have a piper. Alternatively, if you are having the ceremony at an historic castle or stately home, Medieval Minstrels would set the seen perfectly.

In The Church / Venue.

Alternatively, you could have a Harpist, String Quartet, Vocalist, Harp & Flute Duo, Harp & Soprano Duo, Cello Duo, Solo Classical / Spanish Guitarist, Pianist or Solo Saxophonist playing in the church/venue as you and your guests arrive, during the signing of the register and as your guests leave.
These instruments lend an air of sophistication and elegance that cannot be achieved with traditional organ music.
A solo vocalist, duo, full choir or Gospel Choir can be engaged if required. These can be an alternative  to the musicians or together they can compliment each other.

If you are having a Civil Ceremony it is still possible to have a Gospel Choir. The choir have a non religious repertoire which they use for such events.

The Wedding Breakfast.

It is now common practice to entertain your guests throughout the day, including while they are eating. Here family and friends will be wanting to talk whilst enjoying their meal. Any entertainment you supply would need to be background entertainment rather than 'full on'. A light background music can be supplied by Harpist, String Quartet, Vocalist, Harp & Flute Duo, Harp & Soprano Duo, Cello Duo, Solo Classical / Spanish Guitarist, Jazz Band DJ or a Pianist, are just a few examples. Another option would be a 'Close Up Magician' or a Caricaturist. He will visit your guests tables one by one performing his art. This will keep your guests occupied between courses. If you are having a themed wedding in a period / medieval venue, why not engage the services of some Medieval Minstrels. There are many other options, some of which are featured on our home page.

Engaging the services of a Toastmaster is a very wise move. His job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly. He will advise you on etiquette and will usually meet with you before the wedding day to discuss your requirements. He will ensure that caterers, entertainers etc. all know what to do and when. If you wish he will announce the arrival of each guest, introduce the best man etc. for their speeches. Most have a great sense of humour and are often a good source of entertainment. Employing the services of a Toastmaster allows the best man, the brides parents to relax and enjoy the day. A more detailed list of a Toastmasters duties can be seen be clicking one of the Toastmaster Links.

As this is a family event there are bound to be young children present. By now they are starting to get board and fidgety. Their parents are getting angry or embarrassed at  what the 'little darlings' are getting up to. This is the most common reason for people leaving the celebrations early. There are a couple of options open to you, to try and avoid this. Engage the services of a Children's Entertainer. This can be in the form of a Magician, Face Painter, Clown or the old favourite, a Bouncy Castle.

The Evening Reception.

Most evening receptions will last at least four hours, some as long as six hours. How ever long, it will be the longest part of the day, and the part that will have the greatest impression on your guests, but sadly, often gets the least attention. This is strange, because not only is it the longest part of the day, but there are usually larger numbers of people present at this time.

What type of entertainment do you choose?

First of all you need to establish what you are trying to achieve and what image you wish to portray. You may want the evening to go with a bang, with a lively Band and or DJ. Alternatively you may want to have something a little more refined or a mixture of the two.

A Mobile Disco is practical and the most cost effective form of entertainment available to you. The DJ will perform for longer periods of time and play a wider range of music to suit the ages of your guests. If you have some favourite tracks or particular styles of music you would like played he will be able to accommodate you. There are different grades of Mobile Disco available, but this being a special occasion you should try and book a 5 STAR DJ or Mobile Nightclub. This will ensure you get an experienced, all round professional DJ and high quality sound and lighting. Our DJ's will play the music you and your guests want to hear and at a volume that is not offensive. 

Beware The Bandits

There are, I'm sad to say, some very unprofessional DJ's around and we have had numerous reports of those who haven't got a clue of how to entertain and others who just don't turn up. Insist that your booking is contracted and try to book through an agent. That way, if the DJ has an accident, has his equipment stolen or something similar, the agent will usually be able to save the day with one of his many contacts. Most agents will have a bank of DJ's which they use regularly and have proven themselves over a period of time.
A good band, whether they play Jazz, Soul, Pop, Blues, Rock'n'Roll, Folk, Ceilidh, etc. can have an amazing effect on the atmosphere and even the stuffiest of guests will find it hard not to get up and dance. There are many bands available to you, each of which will specialise in their own type of music. General function bands, play a selection of chart hits from the 60's to the 90's which will appeal to the majority of your guests. Other bands like Jazz, Folk, etc. are more specialist and appeal to a smaller sector. However, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. We recommend that if you book a band, that you also book a Mobile Disco. There are two main benefits to this. The first and the most important is that your average band will only play 2 x 45 minute sets or if your lucky 2 x 1 hour sets. That leaves you without any entertainment for at least 2 hours. If you engage the services of a DJ as well, he will start the evening off. Initially with background music, followed by the bride and grooms first dance, then he will gradually build up the atmosphere and introduce the band. They will then perform their first set. Once they stop for a break the DJ will keep people dancing until the band are ready to start their second set. If you do not do this the atmosphere will be lost and it can be very hard for the band to get the audience back in the mood. It is usually better to end the evening with the DJ. Depending on when the band finish, the DJ will keep people dancing, then gradually slow things down. He will also be able to make any announcements you may want made.
Hiring a band and a Mobile Disco need not 'break the bank'. Some of the better function bands come complete with their own DJ which is built in to the price. These are known as 'Band & DJ Packages'.
The above advice is based on our many years experience in the entertainment industry. Obviously if you have requirements which are not 'run of the mill' then our entertainers will be flexible and adjust where needed. If you would like any further advice in organising your entertainment, we would be only too pleased to help.

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas For Brides And Grooms

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